Transforming UV Spectroscopy
Accurate & Robust
No Dilution | No Buffer Correction
Slope Based Measurements (No Absolute Absorbance)
10 Point Data Analysis | Based on .999 R squared
Common Platform
Finally a system to measure concentration that is analyst & site independent while easily transferable from Discovery to the Manufacturing Floor and QC
Pathlength Range: 0.005-15mm
Accuracy and Repeatability: +/-2%
Concentration Range : 0.01-300mg/mL
Minimum Volume : 20uL
Wavelength Range: 190-1100nm
Accurate concentration reading in less than one minute vs. hours of serial or gravimetric dilution


C Technologies, Inc. is a privately owned company since 1985 whose inception came about from the need for high quality specialty fiber optic assemblies. These fiber optic assemblies spurred the idea for a Variable Pathlength Extension, becoming the foundation for Slope Spectroscopy and the SoloVPE. The SoloVPE has changed the field of UV-Vis Spectrophotometry, something that hasn’t changed significantly for over 40 years. The SoloVPE and Slope Spectroscopy method offers a quick, user-friendly technique for measuring concentration that is accurate and robust, providing pharma companies a common UV platform that can be implemented across multiple sites and countries. Now, with the upcoming release of the FlowVPE, this same proven method can be put online for accurate real-time concentration measurements. C Technologies, Inc. believes that success comes from providing products to simplify the scientist’s workload and by providing unparalleled service and support for their customers.  

Benefits Of SoloVPE

  • No Dilution
  • No Baseline Correction
  • Antibody concentration range: 
           0.01 mg/ml to 300 mg/ml 
  • Accuracy / Repeatability : ± 2%
  • Rapid results  in < 1 min
  • Common platform UV 
  • Accurate, Direct Measurements 
  • 21CFR11 compliant software
  • Data output options for LIMS
           and eNotebook integration 

Latest News

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JTE Vartec is now our exclusive representative for Sales and Service in Japan!

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How are we are applying the SoloVPE to UV Concentration Measurement?

Bioprocess Intl SoloVPE Paper September 2014

UV-Vis Based Determination of Protein Concentration


Written by Bristol Myers Squibb & C Technologies




Company Information

C Technologies, Inc. 

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Bridgewater, NJ 08807 USA
Phone: (908) 707-1009
Fax: (908) 707-1030


SoloVPE Service

Direct Line: (908) 707-1201


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